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Inspiration: Coffee Drawing

These artists prefers creating works of art using something other than conventional brushes and paints, namely, they decided to use a medium many of us would associate with breakfast rather than art — a cup of coffee.

A coffee drawing on display in Melbourne, artist wished to remain un-named.  Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2011, Australia.


Malaysian artist Yi Hong, who goes by the name “Red,” creates pictures using a bottom of a cup instead of regular brushes and coffee instead of paint.  In a blog post on her website, Red called coffee a challenging medium because she had to find the right blend for every shade.


Brazilian Illustrator Dirceu Veiga mixes his two passions: coffee and art in a painting technique that use only 100% coffee instead ink to paint on paper. He calls it Coffee Art.



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Inspiration: Latte Art

There’s nothing quite like the surprise of ordering a run-of-the-mill latte, only to discover that the steaming-hot pick-me-up has been topped off with a special artistic touch - all delicately rendered in chocolate syrup and foam.

Latte art is difficult enough to require a proper education. There are some amazing and funny examples of it.


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